Krogh & Partners Limited
Your auditor, accountant and advisor in the United Kingdom


We see ourselves as practical problem solvers. This means that we provide much more than the compliance based service. We aim to build up good relationships with the management and staff of our clients, so that their objectives are fully understood and met. We will generate ideas relevant to you, based on our knowledge of financial, accounting and tax developments, so that you receive positive and valuable advice on future operations.

Our approach

Our approach to clients places emphasis on:
- Personal service
- Ease of direct access to partners and
- managers
- Close working relationships
- Responsive practical advice

Our style is to develop close working relationships by designating a clearly identified team for each client. Every client of the firm has a dedicated team of professionals committed to ensuring
that the client is provided with the service that meets its particular requirements.

We plan to ensure continuity of service within the team, both at management level and at the level of the on-sight audit team enabling it to build an in-depth understanding of your organisation and its specific requirements.


Our approach to audit is designed to provide benefits to management and is based on efficient modern methods. As a result, we are well regarded by banks and others who may need to rely on your financial information.

We see the audit as a constructive process and our positive approach enables us not only to report on the financial statements, but also to provide pro-active advice both through written reports to management and appropriate meetings.

It is our practice to meet with you well in advance of the start of the audit so that we can agree the basic terms for the assignment as regards who is to do what, timetables, deadlines, and fees. We would confirm this so we all know where we stand. This will allow us at an early stage to identify any divergence from the plan and agree an appropriate course of action.

It is further our practice to meet with you at the end of the audit to inform you of the result of our audit and any findings identified.

Corporation Tax

We offer to:
- Prepare the Corporation Tax and capital allowances computations for the year, based on
- the statutory financial statements, together with their submission to, and agreement with,
- HM Revenue & Customs.
- Ensure that you are kept appraised of any Corporation Tax liabilities and their due dates
- for payment.
- Make any necessary appeals against assessments and deal with other regulatory matters
- relating to appeals against assessments.

Other services

Krogh & Partners Limited is able to offer a wide range of other services, which we believe demonstrate our commitment to providing an allround service to our clients. These include among others:
- Personal taxation advice and financial planning
- Value Added Tax services
- Bookkeeping/Accounting services
- Payroll administration services

These services would be subject to separate fee arrangements, however we always agree assignment and fees before the commencement of any work.


To summarise, Krogh & Partners Limited:
- Provides a personalised quality professional service, specifically tailored to your needs.
- Undertakes audit and other services in a constructive and efficient manner.
- Provides in-depth advice in all key areas to your future success.

As a firm we place special emphasis in providing a cost effective service that gives our clients value for money. We carefully plan our assignments and we aim to get it right the first time. We believe that this will ensure that our services are also cost effective.